Noble materials

Champagne’s terroir, our creative designer

Exceptional terroirs create the living matter, the matter begets passion, and from passion springs the creative inspiration that allows a masterpiece to triumph.

Giving free rein to the living matter and aspiring to absolute purity by drawing on the experience of each family to create a resolutely different style of rosé champagne, inspired by the magic of the great terroirs and the slow ripening of the grapes. It took five years of research to perfect this unique and innovative method and give life to this unparalleled champagne; a blend of matured Chardonnay and young Pinot Noir, at the pinnacle of purity.

FLEUR DE MIRAVAL is above all the art of creation, seeking the greatest elegance by daring to fly in the face of convention whilst respecting ancestral know-how. Its inspiration came from a desire for a rosé champagne that was both pure, complex and timeless, in which the Pinot Noir would have the fresh profile of the Chardonnay. It transpired that the terroirs of the Côte des Blancs, with their characteristically chalky soils, offered the perfect conditions for achieving this.

Both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir thrive there, drawing their tension and aromatic complexity from this unique chalk. All the creative mystery lies in the subtle blending of Chardonnay reserve wines, aged in bottles and in large oak casks, with young Pinot Noir. The consummate harmony of this blend creates an outstanding, timeless rosé champagne of infinite purity.