Friends of Fleur de Miraval

Fleur de Miraval

The passion for excellence, refinement and Art that is shared by the Perrin, Pitt and Péters families, is also shared by other men and women around the world, united in their search for the unforgettable.

Behind the creation of the Fleur de Miraval Champagne House are three families, Perrin, Pitt and Péters, who share the same vision and strong sense of values.

They are also of one mind with regards to excellence in creation and passion in the execution of their art (wine), family values and heritage, and authentic and contemporary luxury.

The “3Ps” share this vision with others who hold the same convictions and identify with these values, whether in the enjoyment of authentic, refined cuisine, in a certain sense of celebration or in simply sharing special moments that create unforgettable memories.

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