Champagne’s terroir, our creative designer

The Côte des Blancs and the terroir de Vertus… from great terroirs arise a complex and dynamic spirit, entirely devoted to nobility and art.

This is a champagne blend no-one had ever dared imagine: 75% Chardonnay from the great terroirs of the Côte des Blancs, and the saignée juice from exceptional Pinot Noir grown on the terroir of Vertus, on a perpetual reserve of wine in a never-ending circle.

In Fleur de Miraval, we find every expression of the grapes, with the buttery and roasted notes of complex, mature Chardonnay associated with the purity and energy of meticulously crafted Pinot Noir.

Noble terroirs and unique winemaking techniques are the cornerstones of creation that, after ageing, contribute to the incomparable style of the Fleur de Miraval Champagne House.